Best Tutoring in Clearwater, FL

Best Tutoring in Clearwater, FL

There are many great options for tutoring in Clearwater. Our top choice for best tutoring center in Clearwater is Community Learning Center Academic tutoring is important to help Clearwater students keep up in school and advance. Tutoring is available for math, ELA, science and more.

Top 3 Tutoring Centers in Clearwater

1. Community Learning Center, 5/5
2. Board Preppers, 5/5
3. Delphi Academy of Florida, 5/5

10 Best Tutoring Options in Clearwater

1. Community Learning Center

Rating: 5/5
Phone: (727) 441-4444
Address: 1411 N Fort Harrison Ave Ste A Clearwater, FL 33755
About: Quality tutoring services in reading, math, test preparation and homework help. Our tutors are caring people who are highly trained to deliver tutoring services. Our affordable Professional Tutoring program makes it possible for families of all income levels to receive quality one-on-one academic help for their children. Tutoring rates are based on a sliding scale of income. Using an independent evaluation, our tutors work with each student to identify their learning strengths and weaknesses and then develop an individual program tailored to those needs. Our Free Homework Help program is for elementary-aged kids. Students work on homework assignments with volunteer tutors who are supervised by our Directors. Our programs are held here at the Center at 1411 N Fort Harrison Ave. in Clearwater, FL. We also offer online tutoring. Established in 1998. The Community Learning Center is a non-profit tutoring organization that was founded in 1998 with the simple but powerful idea that active, informed and trained citizens working closely with schools and classroom teachers, can effect change.

2. Board Preppers

Rating: 5/5
Phone: (844) 357-7277
Address: 100 S Belcher Rd Ste 7083 Clearwater, FL 33765
About: Help PTA’s prepare for their NPTAE and pass the first time. Established in 2013. September 2013 started as a sole proprietor. In January 2015 opened Board Preppers as an S Corp. Have had 500% increase in business since its conception. With a 1st time pass rate of 97% and a repeat test taker pass rate of just over 90%.

3. Delphi Academy of Florida

Rating: 5/5
Phone: (727) 447-6385
Address: 1831 Drew St Clearwater, FL 33765
About: The Delphi Program™ is a unique, integrated approach to learning. Applied to K-12 schools and offered by Delphi Schools, Inc.™, the eight basic principles of the program lay out a fundamental philosophy. Very few things could be more important to a parent or a student than understanding a school’s philosophy. The Delphi Program has been designed from the ground up to help students of any age “take on life.” Here’s how we do it. Empower Them as Students Get Personal Put Ethics and Integrity at the Center Fully Achieve the Basics Emphasize Literacy Keep it Real Involve Parents Demand Competence Established in 1983. Delphi Academy of Florida is Celebrating 30 Years!

4. Mathnasium

Rating: 4.8/5
Phone: (727) 799-3142
Address: 25881 US Hwy 19 N Clearwater, FL 33761
About: We know how to teach your child math. Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting – our unique approach enables us to effectively explain math concepts well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! We pinpoint your child’s learning needs, meet them where they are, and take them where they need to go. Mathnasium instructors use our unique assessment process to determine (with great accuracy) exactly what each child knows and what they need to learn. Next, we design a customized learning plan for teaching the concepts the student needs to master. It doesn’t stop there – our encouraging instructors continually check progress along the way to make sure kids truly understand and retain the concepts we’ve taught. The results are transformative – kids will see measurable changes in attitude, confidence, and school progress. We will help your child overcome homework frustration. Our instructors will also set aside time to provide homework help. We help kids understand the homework assignment so they feel better prepared to complete the work at home – underscoring their understanding of concepts and transforming homework frustration into a welcome challenge. Established in 2014. Mathnasium is a franchise with over 500 locations worldwide. We’ve been around for 10 years, focusing exclusively on helping kids understand math.

5. Clearwater Academy International

Rating: 4.6/5
Phone: (727) 446-1722
Address: 801 Drew St Clearwater, FL 33755
About: The philosophy at CAI is that one of the most important factors in education is consulting the child’s goals and developing a program that best matches their interests and skills. Goals Oriented Education ™ We call this approach Goals Oriented Education and it is a part of everything that we do at the school. Our professional youth development staff work to discover the unique skills, interests and goals of all our students. All students have goals, they may or may not be life-long goals but these are what motivate the student. When academics are aligned to this, education becomes more effective and valuable. Each student at CAI has their own unique program which includes all of the core academics as well as emphasis on the student’s interests. This Goals Oriented approach helps to bring the subjects alive for the student. If one is just studying math it can be tedious, however if one is studying math in order to become a computer engineer it takes on a whole new meaning. Enhancing our core academic program, we have a system of extracurricular activities and school sponsored clubs that the student can take part in, creating a truly well-rounded education. The key to our success of our unique program is our staff. Due to their extensive training and application of Study Technology™ our staff are patient and understanding teachers who genuinely want to help and educate our students. Established in 1984. With tailor-made programs at Clearwater Academy, each individual student is our priority. Students are personally tested upon entering the school in order to find areas of skill and areas that need improvement. After testing, every student receives a personally designed program for the grade that they are entering. Each program contains all of the steps they need to do to complete that grade. Not only does this happen when a new student enters the school, but this level of individual attention occurs every time a student graduates from one grade to the next.

6. Learning Connection

Rating: 4.5/5
Phone: (727) 443-5353
Address: 1156 N E Cleveland St Clearwater, FL 33755
About: Learning Connection provides educational services to students. Visit Learning Connection’s website for more information.

7. Seeds of Knowledge Tutoring

Rating: 4/5
Phone: (727) 418-4281
Address: 191 Arbor Dr E Palm Harbor, FL 34683
About: Tutoring available in: Math: elementary through geometry and algebra 2 (at any age) Language: all ages / levels: grammar, reading, writing, spelling, vocab Test Prep: college admissions (SAT and ACT), college placement (CPT, CLEP, and others), grad school admissions (GRE, GMAT, LSAT), nursing school admissions (TEAS, PAX, and others), military entrance (ASVAB), and other tests Science: biology and chemistry Special Needs: dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, processing delays, gifted / talented Other: study skills, organizational strategies, public speaking Established in 2009. Seeds of Knowledge grew out of a desire to make learning comfortable, enjoyable, and personal. In many classrooms (elem, high school, or college), the teachers are too busy to give each student the individual attention that s/he needs. That’s where we come in! We tailor the learning experience for the individual student. All students have different needs — it is a first-grader learning to read, a high school student preparing for SAT’s, or an adult learner heading back to college. Each student gets the undivided attention of a caring tutor, who has the expertise and experience to make the concepts clear and concise, while connecting the skills to the learner’s experiences. Taking the best techniques from traditional, Montessori, and special needs education, Seeds of Knowledge helps students understand the ‘why’, not just the ‘how’. Every day, we hear students of all ages say the most wonderful words: “Why hasn’t anyone else ever taught me this way? I FINALLY really ‘get’ it!

8. GradePower Learning

Rating: 3.8/5
Phone: (727) 475-9980
Address: 3412 E Lake Rd S Palm Harbor, FL 34685
About: GradePower Learning provides educational services to students. Visit GradePower Learning’s website for more information.

9. Ask Ms. Peck

Rating: NA/5
Phone: (727) 317-7254
About: Academic and Life Coaching for Teens Join the Smart Start Challenge and transform from unmotivated to focused in 31 days. Learn the info you need to discover your best future. Private and Group coaching available – Ask Ms. Peck for details. Established in 2020. In Ms. Peck’s virtual classroom, it is possible to transform from under-achieving and unhappy to focused and motivated in just one month. This Smart Start Challenge helps teens learn the importance of critical thinking and practice the skills necessary to have a rewarding future. Written by a high school English teacher, the program is a mix of identity and values clarification combined with service learning, communications and problem solving skills practice. The activities include working on an important social issue to help students find their voice and vision of their future. As a “Catalyst for Change”, teens are empowered to get past any barriers and start building their dream life.

10. The Co Lab Studios

Rating: NA/5
Phone: (727) 914-9888
Address: 1710 N Hercules Ave Ste 103 Clearwater, FL 33765
About: The Co Lab Studios provides educational services to students. Visit The Co Lab Studios’s website for more information.

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