Best Tutoring in Ogden, NY

Best Tutoring in Ogden, NY

There are many great options for tutoring in Ogden. Academic tutoring is important to help Ogden students keep up in school and advance. Tutoring is available for math, ELA, science and more.

Top 3 Tutoring Centers in Ogden

1. The Learning Connection Utah, 5/5
2. Tutor Doctor Farmington, NA/5
3. Scottish Rite Childrens Learning Center, NA/5

10 Best Tutoring Options in Ogden

1. The Learning Connection Utah

Rating: 5/5
Phone: (801) 452-1545
Address: 2921 Darling St Ogden, UT 84403
About: At The Learning Connection Utah we specialize in developing a student’s self-confidence and fostering a love of learning. Our experience includes working with children with varying special needs, helping those who are having difficulty in reading, writing, and/or math, as well as assisting all students develop logical reasoning and study skills. One-on-one tutoring is designed to address the individual needs of each student – there is no “one size fits all” approach. Strengths are expanded upon and weaknesses are identified and programs designed so that they are overcome. We offer a “Learn to Read & Write in 20 Hours” program that is designed for the typical developing 5 or 6 year old. Children as young as 3 can participate in this program as well, however, it often requires more than 20 hours. It’s a magical moment when the child reads his first book and has the realization that he is now reading! Call today to schedule your child’s FREE evaluation and assessment. Established in 2010. The Learning Connection Utah was established to provide a the community with an individual tutoring and educational coaching service that could help students become confident in their abilities, develop a love of learning, and apply the knowledge they possess at school, at home, and in life.

2. Tutor Doctor Farmington

Rating: NA/5
Phone: (801) 876-1566
Address: 2025 Tyler Ave Ogden, UT 84401
About: Tutor Doctor Farmington provides educational services to Ogden students. Visit Tutor Doctor Farmington’s website for more information.

3. Scottish Rite Childrens Learning Center

Rating: NA/5
Phone: (801) 627-8878
Address: 1140 36th St Ste 160 Ogden, UT 84403
About: Scottish Rite Childrens Learning Center provides educational services to Ogden students. Visit Scottish Rite Childrens Learning Center’s website for more information.

4. Mathnasium of Layton

Rating: NA/5
Phone: (801) 593-2696
Address: 2151 N Hill Field Rd 2 Layton, UT 84041
About: “We know how to teach your child math.” Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting – our unique approach enables us to effectively explain math concepts well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! “We pinpoint your child’s learning needs, meet them where they are, and take them where they need to go.” Mathnasium instructors use our unique assessment process to determine (with great accuracy) exactly what each child knows and what they need to learn. Next, we design a customized learning plan for teaching the concepts the student needs to master. It doesn’t stop there – our encouraging instructors continually check progress along the way to make sure kids truly understand and retain the concepts we’ve taught. The results are transformative – kids will see measurable changes in attitude, confidence, and school progress. “We will help your child overcome homework frustration.” Our instructors will also set aside time to provide homework help. We help kids understand the homework assignment so they feel better prepared to complete the work at home – underscoring their understanding of concepts and transforming homework frustration into a welcome challenge Established in 2013. We serve Layton, Kaysville, Syracuse, Clinton, South Weber, and Ogden communities. We’re a member of the Davis County Chamber of Commerce. Our team of math instructors is committed to helping build our students’ confidence and interest in math, which will also help prepare them for success in college. With solid math skills, students can pursue a career in a wide variety of areas such as business, finance, the medical field, technology, manufacturing, science, biology and more. Our Center is located south of the Layton Hills Mall next to the Olive Garden Restaurant

5. Smarty Pants Preschool

Rating: NA/5
Phone: (801) 425-1079
Address: 859 W Pleasant View Dr Pleasant View, UT 84414
About: * #1 recommend by local elementary teachers for all around kindergarten readiness. * Voted 2021-2022 Best Preschool in Pleasant View * We require all our teachers to be Certified/Licensed. * Fun, engaging, and individualized curriculum for each student. * Loving and FUN teachers! * Small class instruction gives our students the personalized attention they deserve. * Spacious and NEW classrooms. * Guaranteed your student will LOVE our class! * Schedule a tour and experience the difference of #1 recommended school!

6. My Stellar Student

Rating: NA/5
Phone: (801) 557-7797
About: ONLINE English and Tutoring classes for your child! FREE Demos every Saturday!

7. Tender Years

Rating: 3.7/5
Phone: (801) 774-8900
Address: 325 W 1700 S Clearfield, UT 84015
About: Tender Years is a state licensed child care and learning center whose employees take pride in meeting the strict standards established by the Utah Bureau of Child Care Licensing. Tender Years has provided quality child care and pre-school since 1999 for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years. Tender Years is a full-time child care center which offers a fun and positive learning experience that contributes to the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development of the children in a safe and caring environment. The employees at Tender Years strive to prepare the children for their future by developing a curriculum that enhances exploration and discovery. Our curriculum includes a variety of activities that increases a child’s conceptual understanding in math, language, reading, science, art, music, and drama. Established in 1999. Tender Years has provided quality child care and pre-school since 1999 for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years.

8. Kumon Math and Reading Center of Layton

Rating: NA/5
Phone: (801) 825-1010
Address: 880 N Fairfield Rd Layton, UT 84041
About: Kumon of Layton is part of the world’s largest after-school math & reading program, helping children of all ages become self-learners.

9. Stitch Writing

Rating: NA/5
Phone: (801) 822-9053
Address: 284 E 300th N Smithfield, UT 84335
About: Stitch Writing focuses on telling the stories of companies and people through copywriting, editing, and search engine optimization. We believe stories are what bring us together and create connection. Our goal is to help you share your company or personal story in a way that fits who you are and gets results. In addition, we seek to train the next generation of story tellers through tutoring in writing. Our specialties are novels, short stories, essays, and teaching proper grammar, structure, and flow. Established in 2016. We started off as a copywriting and editing company. Small businesses we saw were doing search engine optimization (SEO) but for various reasons, weren’t able to create the content that would improve their rankings. Stitch Writing was started to fill that gap so business owners could create the quality content they wanted. Around that same time, we jumped into tutoring for writing. We noticed an opportunity locally to help people improve their writing. There was a strong response to that offering. In March 2016 we expanded again, this time including search engine optimization. As part of our copywriting efforts, we were always concerned about SEO friendly copy. The decision to expand and offer search engine optimization was really a natural one. Now we could not only offer the copywriting that needed to be done for SEO but offer the SEO itself. This has allowed us to work more closely with our clients and formulate more personalized strategies for their business objectives.

10. Northridge Learning Center

Rating: 1/5
Phone: (801) 776-4532
Address: 2431 N Hill Field Rd Layton, UT 84041
About: Northridge Learning Center provides educational services to Ogden students. Visit Northridge Learning Center’s website for more information.

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